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I have a wide interests in books, as you can probably tell by the sales I have made. I am still very much interested in signing MG writers, in fact, I just signed the funniest MG writer I know, Bart King. But what I really want to find are more ROMANCE WRITERS WHO CAN WRITE AUTHENTIC TEEN!

Not goofy, silly chic-lit with no underlying heart/intelligence/soul but full-fleshed, make me laugh/cry/yearn/scream ROMANCE.

Contemporary, mystery, thriller, paranormal, historical, sci-fi.....doesn't matter---it is about characters--soul-searching, groin-yearning, heart thumping, heart breaking, fast paced, laugh out loud, cry out loud, make me want to be your character ROMANCE!
But here is the thing....
The writing has to be authentic teen. 
The voice has to be knock me out of my chair original. 
The plotting, cinematic
The protagonist, a person that I believe is real and who I wish was in my life yet they are flawed and f-up sometimes and well, are human.
The villains, I want to freak'n pound them into oblivion even though I understand where they are coming from and their underlying emotional wound.
The writing has to sweep me up in the story so that I do not even remember that I am sitting in a chair and not actually living and breathing along with your characters, in their world.
Please send your query plus the first 10 pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of your email to:

All queries sent to my Herman Agency email address will be deleted. 

Art : Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) The Kiss 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Janet Gurtler- YA Addict: Whirlwind ALA

Janet Gurtler- YA Addict: Whirlwind ALA: So back from my whirlwind trip to ALA in Anaheim. Flew out on Friday morning and got home Saturday night.  I am exhausted. But luckily it's ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Effective Book Marketing: Youtube TrueView Campaign of THE CLASSROOM's book trailer plus oh so much more!

Combine a Disney created well targeted Youtube TrueView campaign with a Disney created ultra-professional book trailer. Add in the Barnes & Noble's order for a 9-book floor display in every Barnes & Noble in the country. Media coverage. And of course, a fabulous, well reviewed new series and you have the making of a superhit!

THE CLASSROOM launch date was YESTERDAY, and look what is already going on!

Robin being interviewed by Dan Shadwell on KSBY TV

Publishers Weekly
“This documentary set out to show the real story of Trevor, along with his normal, everyday, average classmates.... Westside is their middle school. And these are their stories.” With an introduction like that (and the subtitle), readers may expect more of a documentary-style novel than what Mellom (Ditched: A Love Story) actually delivers in her first middle-grade novel. Most of her story unfolds through good old third-person omniscient narration, interspersed with occasional “interviews” with seventh-grader Trevor Jones and his classmates. Fortunately, Mellom has a gift for school-days humor, and her novel is very entertaining. Trevor, a consummate worrier, and Libby, a consummate planner, have been best friends for years, but as they begin the school year, Libby, tired of covering for Trevor’s (many) gaffes, believes it is time for them to make new friends. Gilpin’s spot art (not all seen by PW) is a mix of notes, cartoons, and other “found materials” that add to the book’s sense of fun as romantic entanglements and misunderstandings proliferate in the days leading up to the school dance. Ages 9–12. Agent: Jill Corcoran, the Herman Agency. (June)

Kirkus Reviews
A documentary crew descends upon Westside Middle School to reveal what middle-school students' lives are really like. At the heart of the story is Trevor Jones, just starting middle school. He's a worrier and a "pre-thinker," and, despite his claim that he's not worried about seventh grade, he has it all planned. He's got brand-new clothes, and his yogurt stick is frozen just right to be the perfect temperature by lunchtime. Unfortunately, his best friend forever, Libby, shakes his cool at the bus stop when she informs him about the upcoming dance and how he must ask a girl by the end of the day. The whole novel revolves around the dance and the attendant social drama of middle-school life. Though readers never find out much about the making of the documentary itself, it's a clever contrivance. A third-person narration alternates with interviews with the major players. There's Trevor, Libby, eighth-grader Corey Long, Wilson the custodian, and seventh-grade gossip Cindy Applegate among the several main players. Illustrations add appeal to the story, including cartoonish drawings found in Trevor's notebook, a "Social Skills Training" pamphlet found in Counselor Plimp's office and drawings from Libby's Hola! Kitty Cat! sketchpad. All in all, a silly but appealing story for readers approaching the middle-school years. (Fiction. 9-12)

And MUCH MORE to come!


  • Author:
  • Robin Mellom
  • Release Date:
  • June 19, 2012
  • ISBN:
  • 978-1-4231-5063-3
  • Pages:
  • 288
  • Age Range:
  • 9 to 12 Years
  • Format:
  • Fiction - Middle Grade


Trevor Jones has been looking forward to seventh grade all summer, but when his best friends Libby tells him that he HAS to ask a girl out to the fall dance--his bright outlook suddenly takes a turn. It also doesn't help that there's documentary crew to film his every awkward move.

BUY THE BOOK from these retailers:


Friday, June 15, 2012


I promised more BIG news for Martha Brockenbrough and DEVINE INTERVENTION, and I am thrilled to share with you that movie rights have been optioned, and optioned oh so well!

From Publishers Weekly:

Jerry Zucker and Janet Zucker at Zucker Productions (Airplane, Naked Gun, Ghost) have optioned Martha Brockenbrough's YA debut, Devine Intervention, in which a guardian angel in a rehab program for wayward souls accidentally kills the girl he's supposed to watch over, and fails to get her into heaven. Screenwriter Randi Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire) is adapting; Josie Freedman at ICM on behalf of Jill Corcoran at the Herman Agency brokered the deal. 

Martha blogs HERE about her surreal trip to meet Jerry & Janet Zucker and Randi Singer, surreal because these are the creative powerhouses behind films that have influenced Martha's writing over the years.

Huge kudos to Josie Friedman at ICM who knew exactly which writer and producer would be the perfect fit for DEVINE INTERVENTION. And when you read DEVINE INTERVENTION you will agree, the book adapted by the combination of Jerry, Janet and Randi's creative genius will be, well divine!

Oh, and even more news soon but for now.... go read the book!

P.S. If you missed the post on the power of marketing DEVINE INTERVENTION and how Scholastic and Martha worked to get this book selling like hotcakes from day 1, read THIS.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Martha Brockenbrough's DEVINE INTERVENTION has come out of the gate like gangbusters! Why, you ask?

1. First and foremost, the book is freak'n fantastic. And I don't just say that because I rep her, I say that because I read pages of this book long before I repped her, and Arthur read pages long before he signed up the book, and we both knew we were reading a completely unique, powerful, funny, brilliant voice.
(Full story on how Arthur and I discovered this book HERE)

2. Scholastic sent the book out for reviews, result: Fantastic Reviews including a Star in Kirkus---
Beneath the snark, though, runs a current of devastatingly honest writing that surprises with its occasional beauty and hits home with the keenness of its insight. link to full Kirkus Review.

Jerome’s bumbling logic and wickedly funny observations are what make Brockenbrough’s first book for teens so much fun. Underneath the occasionally risqué humor and unexpected plot twists (including the possession of multiple animals’ bodies) is an insightful story about seizing life for all it’s worth while you have the chance. link to full Publishers Weekly Review.

3. Scholastic got the word out to the press, result:  A HUGE fabulous review in the LA Times which immediately caused a run on copies online and in stores. Martha and I did not know this was coming, so it was a wonderful moment when the book's film agent, ICM's Josie Friedman, found the article in her morning newspaper and immediately emailed us:
Brockenbrough is a gifted writer who finds amusement in focusing on life's minutiae and who captures the slow-mo drama with which teens experience them, such as the time when Heidi's "tongue felt like a lump of nasty cotton living in the armpit of a bum who has an apartment at the dump and not even the good kind of dump with busted car parts. The kind with fish heads ... and old transvestite wigs."...for readers who appreciate an apocryphal story line and wordsmithing, "Devine Intervention" is a little slice of heaven. link to full LA Times Review.

4. Martha decided she wanted a trailer and reached out to a good friend's daughter, result: A TRAILER like nothing you have seen before, created by a 14 year old from the Netherlands. (See above or click here)

5. Martha decided that she was not going to simply have book launches but book launch events, result: Indie Bookstore Launches that were a party!
And here I will quote Martha when I asked her how she was able to have both of her launch parties packed with buyers...
I don't know exactly how many books sold at my local event, but I made sure those were packed with fun. A friend gave me the advice to think of it as a party celebrating the people around me who helped me come this far, and that really helped me feel less sheepish about the whole thing. I had two parties with thematic food, including angel's food cake, devils food cupcakes, and custom-printed "SoulSavers" (in corndog and ambrosia flavors), and I hired a harpist to play songs I'd mentioned in the book. I also invited people to write an 11th commandment, and I gave bookstore gift certificates and other prizes. My children dressed as an angel and a devil, and I bought extra angel wings for other kids to wear around. 

I knew pre-orders were important, so I partnered with a local bookshop to do a special offer. I made buttons and bookmarks that the bookstore packaged and sent with all the pre-orders. They were gracious about it and ended up selling quite a few that way—I even had to bring in 15 books from home to make sure they had enough to meet orders.

And I am going to add a few more details here.... INTERESTING, SPECIFIC DETAILS, that is what I love about Martha's writing and which comes through in everything she does to promote the book:

Martha and her friend Leslie made heaven and hell table decorations, and divided the food into heavenly and hellish categories:

SoulSavers in Ambrosia and Corndog
Cupcakes with halos and horns
Angel food cake
Meringue cookies (labeled as Baby Angel Poop-delicious!)
Red vines (labeled as Satan's Whiskers)
Cinnamon candies (labeled as red hot stipples, which Jonathan Stroud fans will recognize)
Cream puffs (angel pillows)
Yogurt covered pretzels (angel hugs)
Chocolate covered toffee popcorn (devilish delights)

And there is still so much more to come....including Martha's amazing blog/website, interviews, more bookstore events, more newspaper coverage, etc.

Plus BIG, BIG news is coming, but for now I am sworn to secrecy.


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